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Our Expertise

At ADDDAM, we specialize in providing volume flexible metal processing and production solutions tailored to your unique needs. Applying years of experience in high-pressure die casting and fluid technology applied to additive and substractive manufacturing, our team of experts delivers high-quality results every time.

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Together with our strong partners, we provide deep material expertise in processing of aluminium alloys.

Tailored Aluminum Materials

Automation is key to consistent results and high productivity. For this reason we use state-of-the- art additive manufacturing equipment.

Automated Metal 3D Printing

Automation is key to consistent results and high productivity. For this reason, we use state-of-the-art additive manufacturing equipment.

Adaptive Machining

Our capabilities for destructive and non-destruc- tive testing ensure your product meets all require- ments, just like you would expect from series-level production.

Advanced Quality Assurance

Success Story

TechnoAlpin SpA: 75% faster than prototyping using die casting

We enabled our customer TechnoAlpin to improve its TR9 snow cannon by realizing the design changes to the complex nucleator housing. Using aluminum additive manufacturing, the design change has been validated for mass production without the need and risk to invest in costly die-casting tools upfront.

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Taking the complete process chain into account, ADDDAM equips you with all the necessary knowledge to leverage the full potential of the combination of additive and subtractive manufacturing in aluminium.

In a unique combination of theory and practice, you will learn how to speed up your product development, realize small series, and take complexity out of manufacturing.

We offer tailored training for operators, technicians and engineers – soon to be DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 accredited.

Introducing Adam Academy:
Giving you an edge in Flexible Manufacturing

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